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We're happy when our clients are happy.

"From day one Kara immersed herself into our business, developing a good understanding of our complex, our people and importantly our history. She very quickly helped us sort out a number of issues that had been outstanding for a long period of time providing us with the professional advice we needed to resolve our problems. 

Kara also brought a level of professionalism to our council meetings that we had not experienced before. This gave our meetings more structure with a level of discipline that enabled us to make informed decisions and progress matters in an efficient and timely manner. 

We believe Kara is the ultimate strata manager; she is well presented, highly professional, very knowledgeable and most importantly a nice person. For the first time in our history we have very positive acknowledgement from all owners in our complex in regard to our strata manager."

C Billings, South Perth

"It is not often that you come across such a professional person like Kara. Kara was very supportive as we worked together on procuring and executing a major render repair and associated works contract to the building in excess of $1.5m. Post project she has mentored the newly formed council to assist with practical completion of the repair project and has guided us through some challenging other strata matters outside of the project works.

I was particularly impressed by her professionalism throughout all of these steps and even more so during some very challenging times and situations."

J King, Perth.

"Kara provided us with much needed guidance for our first meeting and her professional manner was very encouraging. Kara came to the meeting well prepared, I must say I was quite impressed.

After meeting and speaking with Kara I have every reason to be put at ease and have no concerns on how she will manage the complex."

L Hitchcock, Doubleview

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