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Comprehensive Package

If your scheme requires a significant level of assistance particularly with maintenance and insurance claims, this package will be suitable for you. It is most comparable to traditional strata management service offerings though it is more inclusive than most, particularly in that it doesn't limit the amount or extent of maintenance or insurance claim coordination that is included in the agreed fee.


Our Comprehensive Package aims to provide a well rounded strata management solution that will provide extensive guidance and support to the council and owners. It includes:

Online Information Portal: provision of an online information portal for owners, council members and residents providing access to agreed strata scheme information 24/7.


Accounting Services: maintaining & managing the strata scheme's bank account, issuing levy contribution notices and receipting monies received, paying creditor's invoices, keeping comprehensive financial records and preparing statutory financial reports (made available to owners 24/7 via the online portal) and assisting with preparation of the annual budget and reserve fund requirements.

Guidance & Legal: providing guidance to the council of owners to ensure matters are handled in accordance with the relevant legislation (this does not include providing legal advice).

Insurance: through a qualified insurance broker, obtaining quotes for the annual insurance renewal, arranging renewal of the insurance in accordance with the council's instructions and coordinating lodgement of insurance claims.

Secretarial: maintaining all records including the strata roll, meeting documents and correspondence, and attending to routine communication in relation to the scheme.

Meetings: preparing and distributing notices of Annual General Meetings (AGMs), attending and chairing AGMs, preparing and distributing minutes of AGMs, attending up to two council meetings per annum and preparing and distributing minutes of those meetings.

Maintenance: obtaining quotes for and arranging maintenance, repairs, renewal, replacement and improvement of common property, arranging access for contractors, building inspections and reports, maintenance plans, building condition surveys and scheduled maintenance programs.

Site Visit: conducting an annual site visit with the council of owners.

Are the owners looking to take their strata scheme to the next level by fostering a better sense of community and planning more strategically to maximise the long term value of their asset? You may be interested in our Premium Package.


Get in touch and we can discuss the perfect solution for you! Contact us today!

The Comprehensive Package is perfect for schemes of all shapes and sizes requiring a complete strata management service that will meet all of their daily needs. 

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