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Our industry leading online portal provides our clients with access to all of their strata information 24/7 in the palm of their hand. It's easy to use and full of fantastic features!

Many strata owners find it difficult and frustrating trying to get information from their Strata Managers. We believe that all information should be fully available to our clients and completely transparent. 

Our industry leading online portal is available via mobile phone app or by logging in on your computer or iPad.


The portal technology also provides a front-end website for the strata scheme that includes an overview of the complex, a photo gallery and local directory. This can be accessed by the general public including prospective buyers and tenants and provides a great opportunity to present your complex in a positive light. 

The portal gives you access to the following - 

For council members:

  • Real-time financial reports

  • Easily approve invoices with the click of a button from your phone

  • Online chat forum for council members

  • All council meeting agendas, minutes and other documentation

For all owners:

  • Real-time levy contribution position and payment history

  • Ability to pay your levy contributions online

  • Community chat forum where owners and tenants can share information and communicate

  • Ability to report matters to strata management

  • Access to discounts and promotions in your area

  • Community notices about what's coming up at the complex

  • Insurance policy information

  • Agendas, minutes and other documentation for General Meetings

  • Strata scheme documents such as the scheme plan, by-laws, house rules, etc

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