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Our Services
We have packages that are tailored to suit all levels of needs & budgets

We provide transparent, flexible and wide-ranging strata management solutions, where you only pay for what you need.

We recognise that every strata scheme may have different circumstances, budgets and service requirements. We therefore offer three 'Service Packages' for our clients to choose from, plus a full suite of services that can be accessed if and when required.

All of our packages include access to an industry leading online portal where owners and residents can access information 24/7.

Why pay for things you don't need?

We believe in only paying for what you really need and therefore our Service Packages have been designed to provide solutions for known, day to day requirements, based on our vast experience managing a diverse range of strata schemes of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the Service Package you choose, we offer you a 'Full Suite of Services' which includes anything that you may need from time to time but may not need from one year to the next. These services can be accessed upon request, if and when required for an agreed fee. 

All of our service packages include our industry leading online portal where owners and tenants can access important information on the strata scheme 24/7, as well use many other fantastic features such as community chat forums. Find out more about the portal here.

Our clients can have confidence in knowing that a complete range of industry leading strata management services are available to them on request, but they won't pay for what they don't need. 

The choice is yours! Simply choose a Service Package that best suits your needs.

We'll handle all of the essentials, like ensuring your accounts, administrative and insurance requirements are managed appropriately, for a very affordable fee. 

Learn more.


We'll handle all of the essentials, plus we'll arrange all of your maintenance requirements (as approved by you) and assist you with long term maintenance planning.

Learn more.


We'll provide all of the essentials and comprehensive services, plus community engagement initiatives to help you foster a better community and assistance with strategic planning to help you maximise the long term value of your asset. 

Learn more.


All of our packages include access to an industry leading online portal where you can access information 24/7.

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