Legislation Governing WA Strata Titles

What legislation governs strata-titled property in Western Australia?

If you own a strata property in WA, it's essential that you engage a professional strata manager to help you navigate the complex legislation that governs your strata scheme. The consequences of failing to fulfill your obligations under the legislation can be serious.

WA strata property is governed by the Strata Titles Act 1985, which you can find here. This is supported by the Strata Titles General Regulations 2019, which you can find here.

At Strata Life WA, we strongly discourage owners of strata property to self-manage their scheme, and we have seen countless examples of how this can go wrong. It is an extremely complex area of the property law and in our view, professional guidance is essential.

The Strata Titles Act was significantly amended in 2020 with the amendments taking effect 1st May 2020. Strata Life WA's Managing Director, Kara Grant, was heavily involved in the consultation process as the amendments were being drafted and is well-versed on the new and improved version of the Act. The extensive knowledge that Kara has on the various changes, including the increased obligations on council of owners' members, only reinforces our view that owners should not be 'going it alone'.

We have developed our Essentials Service Package specifically for those schemes who have been self-managed before, or are thinking about self-managing in an effort to save costs. This package is a low-cost, very affordable option for people in this position and will ensure that your fundamental obligations are being fulfilled and that your financials are being appropriately managed. Costing owners as little as $3.50 per week, we think it's a no brainer!

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